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Me and my
I'm a late forties fella, allways glad and tend to be too kind, but hey, that's my
personality, I've been a programmer since my mid twenties, but I have grown tired of it
and are now looking for something with more movements, an officechair is after all the
worst place for a lazy person.
I live on my own i a rented flat, no car, I live in the city, close to the heart of
Copenhagen, so a car is just a waste of money.
You have probably guessed - after viewing my galleries - that I'm not straight, but apart
from thoose photo's you would probably not have noticed it, it's something I like to keep
for myself and thoose who knows it.
I'm easy going, allround knowledge instead of in deep facts, as long as the sun shines
and people are glad, I'm glad.

Camera history
I have been taking photo's since I was 18 years old, bought my first camera back then,
witch I still have, it is a Nikon FE with a 50 mm lens and a Braun BVC 70 flash, witch
I miss a lot, because of it's design and simplicity.
After that I bought my brothers Nikon F4 with a few lenses and a top mounted flash, that
camera is a real beauty, but unfortunately not digital.
My first digital camera was a Nikon D70 with the standard cheap zoom lens, witch I never
used, instead I use the 50 mm and the 35-70 mm AF lenses from my Nikon F4.
Today I have a Nikon D200, but only a 50 mm Series E lens, in time I'll get some other
lenses as well.

Photo history
I actually have never been shooting like a real amateur, I merely used the oppertunety
to allways carry my camera with me no matter where I wen't.
After I got my digital camera it began to be more interesting since it clearly was cheaper
to see the results.

What do I shoot
About anything that comes in my way, allthough I still aren't good at taking photo's of
people, I'm way to shy for that, hopefully I will get better at that point.
Apart from taking random shots I now and then go out and do some sessions on my own,
theese sessions are usually in the local area, where I try to find some rare angels, close-up
of foreseen things, old vs. new and some nature.

Ordered sessions
Yes indeed, if someone asks me to do some shooting, be it a party, an event or just some
posing, I gladly take my camera with me and pull the trigger.
Usually I get nothing but the chance to both participate and do some shootings, I feel
comfortable with just getting the chance.
So if you live nearby or can drive me, I'll gladly put the camera on the neck and do some
shootings for you.

Nude shots
Depends on what the person has in mind. If it's directly sex related I'm not interested,
normal posing is ok and can be fun. If it's close-up for a dating profile, well so be it,
but closer than that is out of the question, I prefer to keep that kind of things seperated.

Owner of photo's
Like any other deascent photographer I take the credits for the hpoto's.
I have only once, given away my negatives, witch I regret a lot, it was for a party and
today I don't have all the images.
The reason for keeping photo's are for me because I like to look back and see what I
did with the scenery, what settings I used, what light etc. and just in case someone asks,
I would still be able to deliver the photo I once took of them.

I'm scared
Don't be, if any of the photo's are not supposed to be shown, they never will, my originals
are kept safe and the galleries never has anything that does not belong there, not even
an "Ups!".
The galleries I create are allways made locally before uploaded and photo's that are not
to be shown never ends up in the galleries, it's as simple as it gets.

Please contact me for prices.
Regardless of prices, the pictures will allways be owned by the photographer.
Besides that I follow the Danish law for copyrights and protection.

More info
In case the above isn't enough, here's my other homepage: