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07-02-2008 - Autofocus at last
Baught a Tamron SP AF 20-40 mm 1:2,7-3,5 Aspherical lens.
A shame it's aspherical, but far better than manual focus on an afutofocus camera, especially because Nikon D200 have a non moveable Focusing screen, witch is of little use when using non autofocus lenses.
The bright side is of course the low aperture values, witch gives a better chance for using the lens for overall purposes.
08-12-2007 - New camera
Baught a used Nikon D200.
What a phenominal great camera :)
Allthough I (currently) only have an 50mm Series E lens I'm greatfull and can't stop playing with it :D
06-10-2007 - Salty camera
Me and my camera equipment, took a trip into the seawater at a harbor close by :(
So unfortunately I'm out of luck when it comes to photographing.
As soon as my ensurance pays (hopefully) I'll be back :)
02-09-2007 - New tricks
New tricks added !
13-08-2007 - Linking events
If a link exists, the title of the event points to a corresponding gallery.